Elder Care Facilities & Life Settlements

Senior Living Facility

Today’s aging adults are living longer lives than in years past. This means that despite careful years of planning for retirement, many are facing the reality that their retirement funding was designed for less life in terms of months or years than their Read More

10 Best Jobs for Retirees & Seniors

Ready to kick back now that you’re retired? You may think you’re ready, but is your brain and your budget? Retiring for decades has been the utopian time when your plans go no further than getting out the fishing pole or putting all your recipes in order. Read More

5 Financial Options For Seniors

life settlements retirement computer

Many seniors today are finding that there’s more life after retirement than money. A combination of a few bad years in the market and longer life spans (the latter obviously a good thing), means that there isn’t as much money to help them maintain a certain Read More

Who are Candidates for Life Settlement?

Qualifications for Life Settlement

Today’s seniors are finding more life on the other side of retirement than they may have saved comfortably for. Others simply have saved over the decades and now want to get out and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Wherever you stand in these equations, Read More

5 Things To Do After A Life Settlement

How to Spend Life Settlement

After a lifetime of paying life insurance premiums, you may have reached a point where you feel the payoff on the other side of those premiums is no longer necessary. One option available to you is the option of a life settlement. A life settlement allows Read More

Life Settlement Market On The Rise

The life settlement market is gaining new popularity as aging populations realize there’s a little more life at the end of their retirement funds than they anticipated. The life settlement occurs when people who have whole life policies sells the existing Read More

Supply and Demand for Life Settlements Growing

While some speak about the quantity of policies decreasing from its former highs, the truth is that we are seeing more policies that are eligible to purchase since the decline of 2008. In my view, the market is robust and getting stronger. The quantity of Read More

Life Settlement Market Bounces Back In 2013

The Deal Reports Findings from Annual Life Settlement Survey NEW YORK, June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Deal, TheStreet's (NASDAQ: TST) institutional business, today issued results from its annual survey of the life settlement market showing that Read More

California Court Rules On Disclosure of Life Settlements

A California couple brought a class action lawsuit in January of this year against Lincoln National Insurance Company, alleging that they did not know they could sell their $7.2 million insurance policy on the secondary market. The couple alleged that they Read More

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Selling a life insurance policy to generate current income has historically been a controversial practice. Investors who buy the policies do not make money until the selling policyholder dies, creating a death-watch dynamic that is morally repugnant to Read More