Frequently Asked Questions

What is a viatical settlment?

A detailed answer can be found on our “Viatical Settlements” page.


What is a life settlement broker?

A detailed answer can be found on our “Life Settlement Brokers” page


Why Would Someone Sell Their Life Insurance Policy?

A detailed answer can be found on this page:

Why Would Someone Sell Their Life Insurance Policy? 


Are there any tax and/or financial implications that I need to consider?

Anyone considering a life settlement transaction is strongly encouraged to discuss all of the relevant issues with his or her insurance, financial, tax and legal advisors.

How long does the life settlement process take?

Typically the process takes 90-120 days depending on the complexity of the case. Simple transactions can be completed in less time.

Are there any application or other fees?


Will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Windsor Life Settlements has a strict confidentiality policy. We will not share your information without your written permission. Any written authorization for sharing this information will explain who may receive the information and why it needs to be released. The employees of Windsor Life Settlements all have reputations for abiding by the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. We are committed to client confidentiality and fraud prevention with strict internal compliance processes.

What is a life settlement?

Life settlements are the sale of a life insurance policy in which a policy owner receives a cash settlement for policy by selling it to a buyer. The responsibility for premiums and ownership of the policy is transferred to the investor.