Life Settlement Infographic

Windsor Life Settlements LLC - Did you konw? You can sell your life insurance policy for cash.What Life Insurance Agents Won't Tell You - Life Insurance agents give you two options: 1. Pay Higher Premiums 2. Surrender All or Part of The PolicyBut there is a Third Option - A life Settlement is the sale of a Life Insurance Policy to a 3rd PartyA California couple brought a class action lawsuit in January of 2014 against Lincoln National INsurance Company, alleging that they did not konw they could sell their $7.2 million insurance policy on the secodary market. The couple alleged that they twice had to reduce the size of the policy, leaving them with only $2 million of coverage, because they could not afford the premiums and were only given two options: Pay higher premiums or Surrender the policyThe Judge in this case ruled in favor of the couple, stating that the agent had a DUTY TO DISCLOSE THIS THIRD OPTION.Life Settlement Market is HOT and getting hotter - Face Value of Life Insurace Policies - Face values of life insurance policies sold in the life settlement market reached $2.57 billion in 2013, up from $2.13 billion in 2012, according to a newsletter that tracks indsutry trends.- Number of Policies Sold - There were 1,356 policies sold last year, an increase of 160 policies from 2012, the newsletter said. Buyers paid $406.2 million for those policies last year compared to $319.4 million in 2012.Benefits of Selling Your Policy - Pay off a mortgage - Pay off medical bills - Pay off credit cards - Take a vacationDoes Your Policy Qualify? - Policies most likely to recieve offers often have at least one of the following criteria: Entering a nursing home or assisted livign facility - Moderate to significant health impairments - Male or female: 70+ years of age - Face amount of policy: $500,000+ - Carrier is A-rated or higher - Policy type: Convertible Term - Universal LIife, whole life - At least 2 years have passed since issue date.Visit Today