California Life Settlement Brokers

Windsor Life Settlements in California

Due to new regulations, all life settlement providers in the State of California must register with the State and use specific forms provided by California’s Dept. of Insurance.

Windsor Life Settlements is licensed to operate in the State of California.

Those looking to sell their senior life insurance or to find a life settlement in CA, should contact Windsor Life Settlements today! We can help find a buyer for your life insurance policy and get you the much needed capital as soon as possible.

California (CA) Life Settlement Rules

In California, a life settlement needs to go through California’s Department of Insurance and all the proper forms must be filled out correctly and filed with the State before and the transaction takes place. As life settlement brokers operating in the State of California, we understand the rules and regulations the State has put in place, so we are still able to assure you the highest payment for your policy. California has created new regulations in the past 5 years to ensure the highest quality of service from all life insurance brokerages in California.

Windsor Life Settlements Can Help

Because we are a life settlement brokerage in California, we have quite a few of suitable investors that are local to your area. We can help you find a buyer for your life insurance policy. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form to see if your policy qualifies. We are here to help!

Below are major cities we provide life settlements in (but not limited to):

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