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Cindy Deacon
Managing Director

Cindy Deacon is a life settlement professional licensed in all 50 states.  She’s been in the life settlement business for over 10 years helping a countless number of people sell a life insurance policy for cash rather than letting it lapse for no value.  Over the years she has built and maintained a private network of buyers who bid on her client’s cases in an auction-like process that drives up the price for her clients. In a recent case, her client Ted Muller was pleasantly surprised at his higher offer.

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Kenneth Kelly
Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Kelly has been CEO of Windsor Life Settlements for over 10 years. During that time Windsor has helped their clients generate higher offers for their life insurance policies utilizing Windsor’s network of life settlement providers and investors. Windsor believes a transparent approach to the life settlement process will always best-serve the client and their needs. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your financial needs.

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About Windsor Life Settlements, LLC.

Each year, it’s estimated that over $100 Billion of life insurance policies that actually qualify for a life settlement will simply lapse.  At Windsor Life Settlements, it is our goal to help consumers generate cash for these policies, rather than simply letting them lapse for no value.

In our experience we have learned that transparency is the most critical factor in successfully completing a life settlement transaction and as such our philosophy is that we be transparent in all aspects of the exchange. This includes being upfront in providing an honest assessment of the likelihood that a policy will be purchased and for how much.

It is our job to get the best price possible for sellers and to do that we have developed relationships with a number of buyers so that we can easily shop your policy and get you the best deal.

Windsor also believes that transparency applies to our compensation as well. For a life settlement involving the sale of a life insurance policy we receive a percentage of the final settlement price (the price paid by the buyer to the seller). 

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