A Life Settlement Company

As a policyholder, you may wonder if your life insurance policy qualifies for a life settlement, a transaction in which one party sells a life insurance policy to another party. If it does, hiring a trusted life settlement company will be the next step. First, you can find out if your policy would be attractive to buyers by filling out our policy form on this page, trying our new life settlement calculator for an instant quote, or by visiting our new life settlement resources page.

Life Settlement Company

What kinds of policies are most valued?

Like most life settlement companies, we'll consider any life insurance policy. However, we've found the most "qualified" policies are Universal Life and Convertible Term Life policies. In the last few years, policies with conversion privileges have become highly valued. Policies are most valuable when at least one of the following are true:
  • The policyholder is 60+ years old
  • The policyholder has health impairments
  • The face amount of the policy is $100,000.00+

What Is A Life Settlement Company?

Windsor Life Settlements is a life settlement broker completely focused on helping consumers generate cash for life insurance policies that are no longer needed. It's our job to get the best price possible for sellers. To accomplish this, we've developed longstanding relationships with a number of buyers. So, we can easily shop your policy and hopefully get you the best deal as quickly as possible. It is our honest and transparent approach that has made us one of the top life settlement companies in the country.
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