Life Settlement Calculator

How Our Life Settlement Calculator Works

Our life settlement calculator provides a range for your life insurance policy based on the following factors

Policy Holder’s AgePolicy Face AmountPolicy TypePolicy Age
Policyholders with significant health problems qualify at any age. Policyholders over age 70 and in good health may still qualify.If your policy’s face amount is under $100,000 it will not qualify. It may qualify for other benefits.Whole and Term policies can still qualify! Don’t let having a term or whole life policy stop you from getting a life settlement quote. A policy usually must be at least 24 months old to qualify for a life settlement. Actual policy age requirements vary from state to state.

life settlement calculator

Other Important Factors That Can Affect Your Settlement Value

Knowing what to expect will help you enter the process with the tools to make informed decisions. In particular, our calculator gives you a number range based on our experience in the market. Nevertheless, It’s not a definitive quote. To clarify, many factors impact the value of a life settlement making no two life settlements the same.

Qualified Policy TypeCurrent Cash Value
Your Annual Premium Amount
Whole. Universal. Term.
You can sometimes convert a term policy into a permanent product prior to pursuing a life settlement. So, term policies can still qualify for a life settlement.
Policyholders receive higher offers if their policy has a high cash value.  A buyer may use the cash value of your life insurance policy to cover expenses.
The most valuable policies usually have lower premiums.  After a life settlement, the buyer takes over paying the future premiums.

Life Settlement Calculators Are Only the First Step

Certainly, life settlement calculator results are not a guarantee that a provider will offer to purchase a policy. They are however a transparent assessment of an insurance policy and the life settlement market. Basically, this helps you decide if you should keep the policy, or sell it. By all means, after using a life settlement calculator, you should reach out to a life settlement broker to get a formal quote.

"Policyholders should be able to instantly discover if they can sell a policy or if it makes more financial sense to keep it. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, our competitor's life settlement calculators are very wrong. This creates mismanaged expectations and they waste their time. Many people seeking life settlements have significant health impairments. So it's important to get them the most accurate information possible." - Ken Kelly, CEO Windsor Life Settlements

The Process Of Obtaining a Life Settlement

The life settlement process can take about 30-90 days with a broker. On one hand, using a broker takes more time. On the other hand, it’ll give you a significantly higher payout from your policy. That is, compared to selling your policy directly to a company.

1 - Set up a free consultation with a life settlement broker.

A life settlement broker will help you map out the best path forward for your policy. Whether that includes a life settlement or not.

2 - A broker will help you gather the documents needed to list the policy on the market.

Brokers may request exclusivity for the duration of the process. This is better for you as well. For instance, seeing the same case represented multiple times can spook buyers.

3 - Your broker will take bids on your policy and find you the highest deal.

Still, you’ll have the final say in accepting the offer. The funds will then be moved to an escrow account.

4 - Closing documents will be prepared to transfer ownership of the policy.

After signing and finalizing the transaction, the funds will be released to you in full.

A Life Settlement Calculator Can Help. Specialists Are Available By Phone To Discuss Your Policy

life settlement calculator

An accurate life settlement calculator saves time and energy. Additionally, it lets a policyholder know whether it’s worth hiring a life settlement broker. Overall, a calculator can tell you whether you should proceed with what can be a long process of securing a life settlement.

To discuss a policy with a Windsor representative right away, please feel free to call us directly: 1-(888)-994-6376.

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