Can I sell my Whole life policy?

Whole life policies are very common but can be difficult to sell. However, if you’re living with significant health impairments, you can likely sell your whole life policy for a single cash payment. Get a quote before allowing your policy to lapse.

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Dividends Can Help Lower Monthly Premiums

With most Whole Life insurance policies, there's no option to pay less unless using dividends to lower premium payments.

Challenges Selling Whole Life Policies

Getting a life settlement on whole life insurance can be difficult. As the cash value of the policy increases, a life settlement makes less financial sense for life settlement providers.

Do You Have Significant Health Impairments?

Whole Life policies are most likely to qualify if the policy holder is facing significant health challenges. Policyholders facing terminal illnesses are encouraged to apply.

Selling A Whole Life Policy For A Single Cash payment

Very few insurance policies actually pay dividends. The policies that do pay dividends typically have an annualized return of about 2%. Many certificates of deposit pay out between 2-3% of the principle, if you don’t consider taxes.  Even if a dividend were included, it would not likely cover the cost of monthly premiums,

Whole Life Policies Can Qualify For Life Settlements

The amount of money received in a whole life insurance settlement or viaticals depends on the face value of the policy, life expectancies, policy premiums, death benefit amounts, and more.

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