What is a life settlement?

Life settlements are simply transactions where life insurance policies are sold by one party to another party. The purchasing party is an investor willing to pay the seller a fee to purchase the policy and in return is named the beneficiary and takes on responsibility for paying future premiums.

How does a life settlement benefit your clients?

Your clients benefit because life settlements allow them to convert a diminishing asset into cash and it relieves them from the burden of paying premiums. As a life insurance settlement broker, Windsor Life Settlements can help you create value from those otherwise worthless policies by selling them into the life settlement market.

Preferred Types of Life Policies

While Windsor will consider any type of life insurance policy, we have found that the most appealing ones for buyers are Universal Life and Convertible Term Life policies. In the last several years term policies with conversion privileges have become highly sought after. You can be a hero to your clients by putting cash in their pocket for a policy that would otherwise expire worthless.

Why Windsor?

We understand that there are a number of organizations with whom you can work, but working with Windsor gives you the benefit of our experience from years in the business.

Personalized Service
You will work directly with one of Windsor’s principals who will serve as your single point of contact throughout the transaction.
Our goal is for you to be the expert in front of your client and we can do just that by helping you answer any question that might come up. And, we’ll walk you and your client through the process step-by-step.
We have established relationships with the top buyers in the industry to expedite the sales process. And, we have extensive experience in transactions within the convertible term life marketplace so we know all of the intricacies of transacting on these types of policies.
We understand the perception many people have of the life settlement market. We have found that the best way to create a favorable impression is to be transparent in all aspects of our business. With Windsor, you and your client will know exactly where you stand every step of the way.

Current Market Criteria

Within the life settlements market, the purchase criteria are specific to particular buyers and change over time. Windsor’s buyers are currently looking for policies with the following criteria:

  • Age: 70 years and older
  • Health: significant impairments
  • Life expectancy: 170 months or less
  • LE’s: 2 required (AVS and 21st)
  • Face amount: $250,000 and up
  • Policy origination: policies beyond the contestability period (typically two years); ideally five years since origination

Getting Started

We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible for your client and for the transaction to proceed smoothly so the best way to get started is to give our knowledgeable representatives a call at 1-888-994-6376. They will outline the process, detail the requirements and will walk you through every step.

Before you call you can review the application packet to familiarize yourself with what’s required.

Informal Inquiry Form

Agent/Broker Checklist

To begin the process, Windsor will need the following:

  • Completed Windsor Life Settlement Inquiry form
  • Signed HIPAA Authorization.
  • Inforce Illustration
  • Completed Broker Services Agreement