What is a Viatical Settlement?

At the start of the life settlement investment industry, viatical settlements represented a viable option for terminally ill patients to raise funds by selling off unwanted life insurance policies. In most circumstances, the insured was without beneficiaries or whose loved ones were already financially secure. Viatical settlements provided flexibility and liquidity for people facing increasing medical costs and hospice care.


Unfortunately, insurance companies are not helpful in cashing in unwanted policies for their fair-market value. Insurers only access policies a “surrender” value and likely won’t tell you about the opportunity to sell it for several times their offer. Life insurance policies are assets like any other investment and should be used for maximum advantage. Instead of letting a policy lapse due to the inconvenience and cost, sell your life insurance policy for cash quickly and easily.


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External Viatical Settlement Resources

Below is a list of external websites containing official rules, regulations and laws concerning viatical settlements.