New Tax Law Benefits Life Settlement Consumers

Windsor Life Settlements Tax Law

Any life insurance policyholder looking to sell their policy for cash is encouraged to first use a life settlement calculator to first see if they qualify.  Policyholders in New York state are encouraged to read about life and viatical settlement tax rules Read More

5 Reasons People Sell Their Life Insurance Policy For Cash

1200x630 5 Reason People Sell Their Life Insurance Policy For Cash

Chicago, IL Many people are unsure about what life settlements are, the selling of a life insurance policy for cash, and how to best use them. They offer a variety of benefits, depending on your current stage of life. These benefits include the Read More

An Often-Overlooked Way To Pay For Assisted Living

Paying for assisted living with life settlement funds

As a senior, you are apt to need some sort of assistance with basic living needs as you age. Maybe you suffer from an unexpected medical illness or you have a slip and fall accident. This type of incident is increasingly common for seniors and can force you Read More

Life Settlement Investing I Marketplace Launches

Life Settlement Investor

Life Settlement Investing, Marketplace Launches In Chicago Chicago, Illinois - February 23, 2017 -  Life Settlement investing is on the rise again in 2017. In Chicago, Windsor Life Settlements is providing a place for investors to connect directly Read More

Case Study: Ted Muller’s Viatical Experience

life settlement case study

Life Settlement Case Study: Ted Muller's Experience With Viatical Settlements Fair warning: the following story is heart-warming, tear-jerking and bittersweet story of a wonderful man named Ted Muller. Ted came to Windsor Life Settlements on New Years Eve Read More

Elder Care Facilities & Life Settlements

Senior Living Facility

Today’s aging adults are living longer lives than in years past. This means that despite careful years of planning for retirement, many are facing the reality that their retirement funding was designed for less life in terms of months or years than their Read More

Supply and Demand for Life Settlements Growing

While some speak about the quantity of policies decreasing from its former highs, the truth is that we are seeing more policies that are eligible to purchase since the decline of 2008. In my view, the market is robust and getting stronger. The quantity of Read More