Every Policyholder Needs to Know About Life Settlements

Many life settlement resources contain conflicting information. This curated ebook gathers everything policyholders need to know to know when considering a life settlement.

The Life settlement essentials in A Single 41 second Video

Did you know that over $100B worth of life insurance policies owned by people over age 65 will lapse each year? Explore life settlements as an alternative to lapsing a life insurance policy or setting for low offers from insurance companies.

Available Downloads

The "Ultimate Guide To Life Settlements" Ebook

  • A life settlement can be an unexpected way to liquidate assets, plan for your family’s future, and respond to late life changes.

The "Ultimate Guide To Viatical Settlements" Ebook​

  • Did you know that over 90% of all life insurance policies will simply lapse

The Crucial Role Of The Financial Advisor

  • Only 4/10 U.S. financial advisors indicated a “limited familiarity” with life settlements or are “entirely unfamiliar” with these transactions

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