California Life Settlement Brokers​​

California Life Settlement Brokers​​

California life settlement brokers will handle most of the life settlement process.  The process can be extensive, including ordering medical records and negotiating with qualified buyers and people who buy life insurance policies.  Policyholders should seek the guidance of a licensed life settlement broker in California.

Windsor Life Settlements is licensed to operate in the State of California.

Life Settlements In California – First Steps

Windsor has life settlement brokers operating in the State of California.  So, we understand the rules and regulations the State has put in place.  Start by getting a life settlement quote using the form on this page.  A California life settlement broker will be in touch the same day.  Or, policyholders can get an instant quote using our new life settlement calculator.  Finally, call the office anytime for a life settlement quote by phone.

Because we are a life settlement brokerage in California, we have quite a few of suitable investors that are local to your area. We can help you find a buyer for your life insurance policy.

California (CA) Life Settlement Rules

Due to new regulations, all life settlement providers in the State of California must register with the State and use specific forms provided by California’s Dept. of Insurance.

In California, a life settlement needs to go through California’s Department of Insurance. The process includes extensive forms be filed with the State before the transaction takes place.  California has created new regulations in the past 5 years to ensure the highest quality of service from all life insurance brokerages in California.

Life Settlement Brokers In Major Cities In California (but not limited to):

California Life Settlement Calculator

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Life Settlement Calculator

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