Jacksonville Life Settlement Brokers

Jacksonville Life Settlement Brokers​

At Windsor Life Settlements, we are a life settlement brokerage that has built our reputation on getting our clients the most money for their unwanted life insurance policies. There are many intricacies to selling your life insurance policy for cash but our agents at Windsor Life Settlements are experts in the process. The sale and transfer of life insurance policies can be a daunting prospect but Windsor Life Settlements has developed an expert team of agents that will simplify the process for you and get you the most cash for your unwanted policy. Try our new life settlement calculator for an immediate quote.

Life Settlement Laws In Jacksonville​

The state of Florida has grouped life settlements and viatical settlements together under the Florida Viatical Settlement Act. Under the act, any company wishing to perform life settlements or viatical settlements in the state of Florida must be registered with the state and follow all regulations for a legal sale and transfer of a life insurance policy. Our agents at Windsor Life Settlements are experts in the state’s regulations and we take great pride in being dependable and responsible members in every community we serve

How Windsor Life Settlements Can Help You​

Windsor Life Settlements is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the life settlement industry. Along with a deep understanding of the laws and regulations, our life settlement brokers have also developed close relationships with the largest investors in the field to ensure that our clients are receiving the best advice and highest payouts for their unwanted life insurance policies. So please do not hesitate to contact us, our agents are waiting to answer your questions.

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