Life Settlement Brokers In Illinois

Life Settlement Brokers In Illinois

Windsor Life Settlements is located in Illinois. Our corporate office is located at 738 E Dundee Road, Suite 352 Palatine, IL. We are proud to serve Illinois senior citizens who wish to find a buyer for their life insurance policies. Illinois, historically, has been one of the biggest states to regulate life settlements. Because we are a life settlement brokerage in Illinois, we have a local network of buyers who are ready to consider your life insurance policy right away. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or try our life settlement calculator to see if your policy qualifies. We are here to help!

Life Settlement Rules in Illinois

As life settlement brokers operating in the State of Illinois, we understand the rules and regulations the State has put in place, so we are still able to assure you the highest payment for your policy. In Illinois, a life settlement must be approved by the State before it can be finalized. All life insurance brokers must also have special State-issued licenses to operate, which Windsor Life Settlements does.

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