Boston Life Settlement Brokers

Boston Life Settlement Brokers​

Windsor Life Settlements is a leader in the life settlement and viatical settlement industries. At Windsor Life Settlements, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched services and representation to our clients while our agents negotiate the sale of their unwanted life insurance policy. At Windsor Life Settlements, the needs of our clients are paramount to the financial advice we offer and we are committed to ensuring the financial security of our clients through the services we offer.

Life Settlement Laws In Boston​

Life settlement laws in the Boston area are determined by the state of Massachusetts which passed the Life Settlement Law in 2012. According to the law, any company or individual wishing to act as a life settlement broker would have to be licensed by the Division of Insurance of the State of Massachusetts. At, Windsor Life Settlements we pride ourselves on being a model for others in the industry. Our agents are experts in all the laws and regulations surrounding the sale and transfer of life settlements. Windsor Life Settlements is committed to being a supportive community member by giving back to the areas it serves through outreach and scholarship programs.

How Windsor Life Settlements Can Help You​

As leaders in the life settlement industry, Windsor Life Settlements has been able to build a pool of professional investors that enable our agents to find the best return for your unwanted life insurance policy. Our agents understand that you are going to have questions regarding the sale of your policy which is why they are standing by to answer your questions and guide you through the sale and transfer process. Please do not hesitate, contact us today to find how much money you can receive for your unwanted policy!

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