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Available New Jersey Life Settlement Brokers

Windsor Life Settlements is a registered life settlement provider in the state of New Jersey. We can help you find a buyer for your life insurance policy. The state of New Jersey requires all life settlement providers to apply for a license. Once granted, the license allows companies to help those interested in selling an unwanted life insurance policy the option to do so. Windsor Life Settlements can assess if your policy qualifies.

Viatical Settlement Laws in
New Jersey

As mentioned above, the state of New Jersey has put into place laws governing life settlements. Life settlement providers must apply for the proper credentials to be able to operate anywhere in New Jersey. New Jersey has enacted a statute governing viatical settlements; if the law is not followed, the settlement would be void. In order to acquire a life settlement or a viatical settlement in New Jersey, the correct process must be followed. It is important to consult a registered New Jersey life settlement provider like Windsor Life Settlements before selling your policy.

How Windsor Life Settlements Can Help You

Windsor Life Settlements can provide you with the option to sell your current life insurance policy for cash. We can help find you a buyer in New Jersey or search our nationwide network of buyers from all over the country. We understand making payments on an old policy can be burdensome. We can offer you the option to rid yourself of expensive monthly payments and help you acquire a life settlement.

New Jersey Life Settlement Resources

For more life settlement resources for residents in the state of New Jersey, please visit the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.  For an instant quote for your policy, please try our life settlement calculator.

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