Part 2: Who Qualifies For A Life Settlement?

Who Qualifies For A Life Settlement?

The best way to determine if a life insurance policy qualifies for a life settlement transaction is to work directly with a trusted advisor.  A proper life settlement advisor will respect your privacy and your autonomy while working with trusted buyers to get you the greatest possible payout.


Policyholders can instantly determine if a policy qualifies for a life settlement by using our new life settlement calculator.  Alternatively, use the “Tell Us About Your Policy” form on this page and we’ll be in touch with you the same day.  Finally, to discuss a policy with a broker right away, please feel free to call the office anytime: (888)-994-6376


Insurers have traditionally given policyholders few options, and often offer a low “surrender” value on a policy. A trusted life settlement broker can help policyholders sell their life insurance policy.  A life settlement brokerage should have many experienced team members who will offer one-on-one counseling throughout the process. As a general guideline, there are some requirements you typically must meet in order to qualify but feel free to contact us to review your eligibility.

General Qualification Guidelines

Age 65+Face Amount $100,000+Length of the PolicyPolicy Type
Policyholder should be at least 65 years old.The face amount of the policy should be at least $100K.The policy should be in force at least 2 years.Whole. Universal. Term.
A term policy can sometimes be converted into a permanent product prior to pursuing a life settlement. So, term policies can still qualify for a life settlement.

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