Pennsylvania Life Settlement Brokers

Pennsylvania Life Settlement Brokers

The State of Pennsylvania allows its citizens to sell their unwanted life insurance policies for cash. That means you have the option to keep making expensive payments on an old policy or see if your policy qualifies for sale on the open market. Windsor Life Settlements is registered in the State of Pennsylvania to find you a buyer for your policy.

Life Settlements in the State of Pennsylvania

Below is a list of metropolitan areas we operate in (although, we are licensed in all of PA):


Pennsylvania Life Settlement Information. The Pennsylvania Insurance lookup website websites information regarding Pennsylvania life settlements:

Pennsylvania Insurance Department

How Windsor Life Settlements Can Help You

The State of Pennsylvania has put into place 2 documents describing and governing life settlements. It is necessary that all life settlement brokers follow these rules or they will be penalized. It is also important that the policy holder understand these laws as well. Windsor Life Settlements is well-versed in Pennsylvania life settlement law and can help you find a buyer for your policy.


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