Texas Life Settlement Brokers

Texas Life Settlement Brokers

We are Texas life insurance settlement brokers. We’re proud to offer our services to the good people of Texas. Granted, there are many life settlement companies in Texas.  So, we pride ourselves on getting our clients the highest value for their life insurance policies thanks to our longstanding relationships with people who buy life insurance policies for cash in Texas.

To see if your life insurance policy qualifies for a life settlement in Texas, please try our life settlement calculator and we’ll be in touch with you the same day.  Additional resources, provided in part by our life settlement brokers in Texas, can be found on our life settlements resource page.

Life Settlement Companies in Texas

As Texas life settlement brokers, we possess the required Texas life settlement broker license.  So, we are experts in the state laws regarding the sale and transfer of life insurance policies. Recently, Texas’ legislator has made exceptions in the Medicaid law that further solidifies the life settlement industry as a viable investment tool. 

Previously, individuals would be excluded from Medicaid if they were holding a life insurance policy. With the changes in the law, life insurance policies can be sold as life settlements with the proceeds going towards eldercare thus enabling these individuals to take full advantage of their new Medicaid coverage.

Hire The Right Viatical Settlement Broker In Texas

We know the process can be confusing and that is why we are here to make sense of the laws.  Hire a licensed Texas life settlement broker and commit to getting the most money for your policy. You can trust Windsor Life Settlements to sell your life insurance policy for cash and get you the most value.

We provide life settlement services in major cities in Texas including but not limited to:

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