Choosing The Right Broker

Choosing The Right Life Settlement Broker

A viatical settlement broker is usually required to be licensed.  Brokers should be transparent about their fees and policies.  So, a good broker:

  • has long-standing relationships with buyers of life insurance policies
  • orders and organizes all the relevant paperwork needed to bring a policy to market.  This includes ordering medical records and LE’s from the doctors.
  • keeps all medical and financial information secure and private.
  • has ‘Errors and Omissions’ insurance coverage.  This compensates a policyholder if a broker makes a costly mistake.
  • ensures policyholders are compliant with all applicable regulations.


Policyholders may be legally required to have a licensed broker take part in the agreement, depending on the state. So, policyholders looking into a viatical settlement shouldn’t do so alone. Even if not legally required, brokers are invaluable because they handle just about everything throughout the process.

Even if not legally required, brokers are invaluable because they handle just about everything throughout the process.

Policyholders can find a viatical settlement to be a valuable financial venture.  However, policyholders should make sure it’s the best decision. Compare viatical settlements to all the different available options. The more a policyholder learns about a viatical settlement broker, the easier it will be to make the best financial decision.

First, policyholders can determine if a policy even qualifies for a settlement.  Feel free to use the policy form on this page to see if a policy qualifies.  Once completed, someone from our office will be in touch the same day.  Policyholders can also use our new viatical settlement calculator for an instant estimate.  Finally, please feel free to call our office anytime: (888) 994-6376

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