Important Factors That Can Affect Your Settlement Value​

Important Factors That Can Affect Your Quote

Get a better understanding of what can impact the value a life settlement.  Policyholders will have a better idea of what to expect from the process. Quotes provided by a life settlement calculator should always be taken with a grain of salt. Policyholders with well-managed expectations are ultimately in a better position.

Qualified Policy Type Face Amount of a Policy Your Age and Life Expectancy Current Cash Value Your Annual Premium Amount
Whole. Universal. Term. A term policy can sometimes be converted into a permanent product prior to pursuing a life settlement. So, term policies can still qualify for a life settlement.
The minimum policy face amount, for most life settlements, is $100,000.00.
Policyholders aged 60+ typically receive higher offers. The older a policyholder, the more a policy is worth to a buyer.
Policyholders receive higher offers if their policy has a high cash value. A buyer may use the cash value of your life insurance policy to cover expenses.
The most valuable policies usually have lower premiums. After a life settlement, the buyer takes over paying the future premiums.

What to Expect

Policyholders can expect an instant life settlement quote after inputting some basic information about the policy.  The process of reaching an actual settlement can be quite long. First, policyholders need a current life settlement valuation.

A life settlement calculator should come with transparency and not a sales pitch. They should be more honest and realistic. To get started, policyholders usually need:

  • basic contact information
  • the insured’s age
  • the policy’s face amount
  • the insured’s current health status
  • a policy that’s been in force for at least two years

Life settlement calculators shouldn’t make any guarantees that a life settlement provider will offer to purchase a policy.

Policyholders use a life settlement calculator tool to get a better idea of a policy’s resale value.  Then begin the process of reaching out to life settlement brokers to get a more formal quote.

How A Life Settlement Calculator Can Help

An accurate life settlement calculator saves precious time and energy.  It lets a policyholder know whether or not it’s even worth hiring a life settlement broker.  So, a proper calculator should provide an estimate indicating whether or not it’s worth pursuing what can be a long process of securing a life settlement.

Questions about your quote?  Please reach out anytime.