Life Settlement Taxes

Life Settlement Taxes

We are a life settlement broker completely focused on helping consumers generate cash for life insurance policies that are no longer needed and that would otherwise simply lapse.

It is our job to get the best price possible for sellers and to do that we have developed relationships with a number of buyers so that we can easily shop your policy and get you the best deal." -

Ken Kelly, CEO Windsor Life Settlements

In our experience we have learned that transparency is the most critical factor in successfully completing a life settlement transaction and as such our philosophy is that we be transparent in all aspects of the exchange. This includes being upfront in providing an honest assessment of the likelihood that a policy will be purchased and for how much.

And honestly, the most critical variable driving the value of a policy is the insured’s health condition. Today, buyers are looking for policies in which the insured has a relatively short life expectancy (LE), usually less than 170 months.

Windsor also believes that transparency applies to our compensation as well. For a life settlement involving the sale of a Universal Life policy we receive a percentage of the final settlement price (the price paid by the buyer to the seller). For life settlements involving a convertible term life policy our compensation comes either from the final settlement amount or from the standard agent commission paid by the insurance carrier for the conversion.

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