Viatical Settlement Calculator

A viatical settlement calculator can be very helpful in providing a preliminary valuation of your life insurance policy.  Policyholders can instantly determine if it’s worth exploring viatical settlements.

Windsor Life Settlement Calculator

Do You Qualify For A Viatical Settlement?

Viatical settlements have strict eligibility requirements to keep both buyers and sellers safe. These include:

  • Value of the policy—You can only receive a viatical settlement if the total value of your life insurance policy exceeds $100,000.00.  In many cases, policies under $100K in face value are not eligible.
  • Policy in force for two years—You must have held your life insurance policy for more than the minimum amount of time specified in your state. Most states require you to hold it for two years, but some set the minimum as high as five years.
  • Health impairments—To qualify for a viatical settlement, you must have been diagnosed with either a terminal disease or a chronic medical condition. Typically, your life expectancy cannot exceed two years. You may need to take a health exam to confirm this before completing the settlement.

Policyholders that do not qualify for a viatical settlement may still be able to sell a life insurance policy using a different kind of settlement. However, other settlements may not provide as high of a payoff.

Use our viatical settlement calculator to determine whether you qualify for viatical settlements. It may be your most promising option if you are committed to selling your policy.